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BTK/ University of Applied Sciences Europe ( 2017 -2019 )


Key Skills Gained:

  • Proficiency in TouchDesigner

  • Overall knowledge of VJ software

  • Overall knowledge of game/software development

Tung-Fang Design University (2013-2016)


Key Skills gained:

  • Proficiency in time and task managing as Stage Manager throughout various productions.

  • Ability to communicate, coordinate, and work with different creative individuals to integrate different aspects of theatre into a project as a director.

  • Designing, crafting, and constructing props and theatre sets for plays.

  • Writing Music.

  • Organizing events or festivals.

  • Trained in different performance styles such as Stanislavsky, Grotowski, The Suzuki
    method, and many more.

Resume: Resume


Exhibition, April 2019 ( Organizer, Concept, Curator )


Automaton is a joint exhibition of mechanics, new media, with live music and performances. 
Automaton wants to break the proverbial mirror, focusing on the relation between mechanics, the humans that trigger them, and the action that it produces. By focusing on mechanics of creativity and combining them with the mechanics of 21st Century technology, Automaton aims to experiment with the interface that connects us with the machines.

Interactive Live A/V with Immersive Performances, June 2018 ( Art Director, Interaction Design/ Engineer )


Housed in the cavernous space of the Funkhaus’ Sound Chamber, Unfamiliar networks was a collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and Native Instruments. A site-specific installation and live performance presented over the conference’s two days and nights, the programme was the culmination of four months of intensive conceptual and technical development by Basel Naouri, Lars Christophersen, Andy Liu, Leonie Pfeiffer, Kzenya Rhyzova, Rodrigo Sanchez, Almut Siebel, and Helin Ulas.

Integrated Art Project, June 2017 ( Creator, Organizer, Integrated Art Project Artist, Performer )


This conceptual integrated project happened in an old church dormitory and spanned 8 different floors, and 4 hours with various events happening throughout the space simultaneously.
Various artists collaborated and created a large space where audiences were free to move around as the entire reconstructed text of Hamletmachine by Heiner Muller was conveyed through events with actors, multimedia installations, performance art, and food, all the while live music penetrated the entire space. We focused on all the different senses from including space and time, with the main purpose of inviting audiences to be involved in the story and to create their own from the elements we wove together.

Resume: Resume


  • Mar 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival Tech-Lights: Mystical Forest Magic Mirror ​Interaction Design/Engineer

  • Feb 2020 Sprouts! Art Festival Organizer

  • ​Oct 2019 GuanDu International Art Festival "Zero Point Field 3" Performance Doer/ Interactive Multimedia 

  • Apr 2019 Automaton Exhibition

  • Feb 2019 I write with my hands, but my mind stays blank: a 2nd-person VR experience

  • Nov 2018 Intergalactic Loop

  • Nov 2018 Poetry for the Illiterate

  • Oct 2018 Ghost Fest ( Greenhouse Open Studios ) Curator

  • Oct 2018 Silver Farms Interaction Design

  • Aug 2018 Untitled 8 hour Action/ Performance Media Installation

  • June 2018 Unfamiliar Networks

  • Jan 2018 I've Seen Your Face Before: A Performance Installation

  • July 2017 Ocean Home Wild Market Stage Manager/Tech

  • June 2017
    Tung-Fang Design University 2017 International Conference on Culture, Creativity and the Design Industry “Hamletmachine” Poster Designer/Artist

  • June 2017 Hamletmachine: Look What You Created
    Creator, Organizer, Integrated Art Project Artist, Performer

  • Feb 2017 Sprouts! Art Festival Tree Land Art Artist, Happening Artist, Stage Tech

  • Dec 2016- Feb 2017
    Head of Promotion for Lu Chi Troupe’s “Zero Point Field 2” and “emBrave Your Youth; Love Without Bounds”

  • Mar 2016- Oct 2016
    Zero Point Field Fluid Physical Workshop Performer, Doer, Assistant Organizer

  • May 2016 “The First Hand” Actor- “Tang-Chih”

  • May 2016 “Plastic Skin” Actor- “The Other Boy”

  • Apr 2016 Zero Point Field Physical Workshop – “Zero Point Field•Emptiness” Performance Doer

  • Feb 2016 1 st Shining East Harvest Theatre Festival – “Dance Dreams” Stage Manager

  • Feb 2016 Sprouts! Art Festival Happening Artist, Stage Tech

  • Jan 2016 1 st Shining East Harvest Theatre Festival – “The Last of Words” Actor- “Killer”

  • Nov 2015- Jan 2016
    1st Shining East Harvest Theatre Festival Curator/Organizer

  • Sept 2015 Spring-Wind Theatre “Equus” Actor- “Nugget”

  • May 2015 Tung-Fang Drama Club “Big Brother” Director, Multimedia Design, Costume Design

  • Apr 2015 Lu Chi Troupe “Are You Ready? I’m Going In” Stage Manager, Director’s Assistant

  • Jan 2015 MAD Café Environmental Theatre ”Infection” Director/Choreographer, Performer

  • Oct 2014 “Born in Winter, Die in Spring” Performance Doer

  • July 2014 Edinburgh Fringe “Pint-Sized” Sound Tech

  • May 2014 Tainan Art Festival Ti-Gi-Lou-Been Troupe “Matsu” Actor- “Chen Hong Quai”

  • Jan 2014 “Beautiful Minds” Actor- “Min Weng”

  • Jan 2014 Dumpling Eating Contest Organizer

  • Sept 2013 Taipei Fringe “Chou Family” Director

  • Sept 2012 Taipei Fringe “Embrace Your Wings” Director’s Assistant, Actor- “Fate”

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