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Unfamiliar Networks


Immersive A/V Installation and Performance - TOA in SoundChamber in Funkhaus Berlin

As water re-invents itself it evaporates into the air, connecting the earth to the sky, and falls back again as rain that gives us life. Similarly, information finds its way to us through various media. Information never ceases to ow and transform, connecting us across the world through unfamiliar networks. We are immersed in in nite streams of information, yet often realize no more than the ripples that appear on the surface. As individuals, we can only influence the direction of the ripples. But as unfamiliar networks form, our influence gains value and magnitude.



Integrated Art Project - Pingtung Art

This conceptual integrated project happened in an old church dormitory and spanned 8 different floors, and 4 hours with various events happening throughout the space simultaneously.
Various artists collaborated and created a large space where audiences were free to move around as the entire reconstructed text of Hamletmachine by Heiner Muller was conveyed through events with actors, multimedia installations, performance art, and food, all the while live music penetrated the entire space. We focused on all the different senses from including space and time, with the main purpose of inviting audiences to be involved in the story and to create their own from the elements we wove together.

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